Much Older Boyfriend

I enjoy having sex and have considered myself as a sex addict. During my marriage, I was not happy sexual and I was married for ten years.I cheated through out my marriage where I dated married guys who are closer to my age. I was satisfied outside our bedroom and I needed to spice and spruce up my sex life. When my divorce was final, my health turn for the worst. Mine you, I am not a barbie doll, I consider myself a well arounded person at 5 ft, 200+ and I don't really care what others might think due to my shape, but I got a body that does not stop. 56I, 48, 46. My nipples with medium milk chocolate where they are erect most of the time, firm and a size of a grapefruit. They weight 10 pounds each, yes I weigh them at one time for curiosity. As for my cunt, it small but less hairy with a small stubby sensitive clit. Very tight cunt since I have never had a child. My womb is tipped as well.

Towards the end of my marriage, I, alone became a swinger. My husband did not want to become a swinger, though I discussed with him but did not give him an indication that I am a swinger. After I was finalized and became single. I lost interest and needed a well deserved break. When my world was turned upside down and could not cope as well as deal with my issues. Therefore, I went back of swinging. It took a month of having to communicate with different guys, but there was one that appealed to me. He is out of my age group range since I normally date guys closer to my age group. I am in my mid 40's and not ashamed of my age and don't mind people asking. I was stretching my age limitation, but this was some exception. He is old enough to be either my father or grandfather. Huge stigma there, but who cares!

Our first meeting was memorable which I will never forgot. He picked me up a block from my place. He appeared to be safe so I entered into his vehicle and we took off to the parking lot at the mall. As we drove off, I noticed he was focused on my chest and started salivating like a puppy. When we parked and kissed as he groped me. I was sold where I didn't care what else he would do to me just by his kiss. He is an excellent kisser. He suggested that we should get into the back seat so he could my nakedness. He more kissing involved with fondling, caressing, exposure, sucking and licking my tits. He was like a kid in the candy store as he traveled into my pants to fondling, caressing my cunt. His eyes got even more excited and did not want to let me go.

Our second meeting was the same routine, but this time he got the back seat down. As soon as I got into his car, we kissed and grabbed my tits. He unbutton my blouse and saw no bra. He grabbed and pinched my tit and salivated and drove off to our spot. We got into the back and laid down and removed my shorts and my panties. He devoured me which felt so good and wonderful. There is no other guy who did not. He undid his pant and exposed his man hood, a bit disappointing, but I overlooked that since I was so in love with him. He asked me if I sucked cock and he is a frail man. I was too afraid that I was going to hurt him since it has been a while since I haven't sucked cock, let alone handled and managed a cock. But it took months for me to be brave enough to handle and managed his cock due to his frailty.

Many months later, he had to train me how to handle and managed his cock. At one time, I caught him by surprise and swallow his man hood. Yummy. Then he exchange the favor of eating and swallowing my womanhood. Our fuck sessions were not fucking session. Rather love making. As much I wanted my cake and ice cream, I had a compelling and decision to leave my swinging and devote myself to this old man since I have been falling in deeply in love with him. But I was scared and I explained this to him. He understood and supported my wavering decision. I needed a break anyways to take care of personal affairs and to clear my wavering decision.

He had the desire for a commitment from me as well as me confirming a decision from him. My wavering decision lingered on and I gave him a birthday present, me. He was thrilled but was unsure. I, too, was unsure and I was hurt for my birthday when he discussed what he was going to do, but it fell through. I postponed our relationship. I attempted to avoid him since we both shopped at the same grocery store.

One day, we accidentally met in the frozen section. I stoped across from him. I was by the frozen food section and he was in the ice cream. Our eyes locked. His eyes looked sad. I left in hurry hoping that I have dodge him. Wrong, he came behind me and he was next in line. Our eyes met again and he had a deep sad tone that made my cunt wet and my tits harden. I wanted him but had mixed feelings and my wavering thoughts.Yet I loved him very much. I missed our brief sexual experience and long trips.

I finally made my decision and let go of my swinging lifestyle and devoted myself to him totally and completely. Before the holidays, I mentioned this to him. I believed he fell off his seat. Obviously I had very busy schedule, but I made sure I will always make time for him.
The more we met, he was more aroused. He had another thing coming when I became more sexually comfortable where I get heavily aroused. Especially with one guy which was huge and has been. He said that we are sexually matched, indeed we are.

Now my housemates know when he comes over, they know that I am busy since I am getting much more than them. But I am not complaining. Many times my housemates.have to leave the house or they had to up the volume to drown the noise.

Oh, did I mentioned that he is an excellent kisser. As well he is an excellent cunt eater where he would tongue fuck me, finger fuck, nibble, bite, jerk my clit. I get so wet and I would ejaculate easily without touching my g-spot. Often when he find my g-spot, he places my uterus back in place. Hearing him savoring my woman hood is a complete turn on. When I would cum, I place a pillow over my face to muffled the noise so my housemates know that I am not in agony and that I am having pleasure noise. As I nestle my cunt to his mouth to get every single drop of my woman hood. After that, it is his turn for me to devour his manhood. He is the only and first guy to ever shave my cunt bare like a virgin young cunt and I love it when he does.

I love being his playground where I don't have to be cheap. I get very submissive and don't mind exposing myself to him whenever and whereever he want or I want.
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